Yes we’ve made it as easy as one, two, three!


Invite your in-house team or clients or anyone you want to share the app releases with.


Upload your APK file for Android or IPA file for iOS and submit.


Instantly send notifications about a new app release or use a custom link to share your apps.

What you can do with AppsOnAir

Our Features

Super Fast Upload

Simply upload or drag & drop your APK and IPA files and generate a link to share them with testers, clients, and friends.

Instant Sharing

Share the link with other users to test your build and collect valuable feedback before releasing the app on the App Store or Google Play Store.

Protect & Preserve

Protect your build with links that are password protected. Assign permission and set a password to generate a private link.

Measure Stats

Keep track of all the basic stats like releases, uploads, and downloads. Check how many users have downloaded your builds.

Version History

All the versions of the build uploaded and deployed are preserved. Roll back to a previous version and restore it instantly.

Groups & Members

Organize relevant team members into separate groups that you want to share your specific app builds with. Notify them with one click!

Beyond app distribution: What's releasing shortly on AppsOnAir

Unique SDKs to make your AppsOnAir experience better are launching soon.

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Switch on maintenance mode

Give a clear message to your testers, clients and users whenever the app is under maintenance.
Coming Soon

Enable updates or force update

Easily set your versions and prompt an updates to all people viewing your release on AppsOnAir.

App distribution, notification & testing: Anywhere, anytime

Get new releases directly on your phone with real-time push notifications and access previous releases with the AppsOnAir mobile app.

Empower your app testing and beta distribution with timely and accurate feedback.

Are you dealing with multiple of these day-in day-out?

With AppsOnAir, test your apps on real devices & reduce your time-to-market drastically

Apps on Air

@appsonair upload apk online and Start testing your mobile apps before going to public and get feedback from developers, testers and owners by directly installing on their devices using Apps on Air.

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